July 19, 2010

I Believe in God

If I were born in a location and to a family unit where there was no belief or disbelief in God or a supreme being, where would I look to find evidence to confirm or deny the existence of God? Assuming a relative good mind and the availability of resource, there are at least two resources to which I would refer for evidence that would confirm the existence of God. What is the testimony of history and what does this world tell me?

Those who study ancient peoples and civilizations, paleontologists’ archeologists and such, have discovered evidence people in all time periods worshiped or paid homage to a spirit or god or something beyond themselves. Whether this was in the form of a nature god such as the Sun god or the god of the harvest, or the rain god or in a more personality driven god envisioned by the ancient Greeks, they nevertheless, saw something as being superior. They often developed elaborate stories about the existence of these gods and their relation with humans.

It is in the nature of humans to recognize a power superseding their own power. There have been no atheist civilizations. Ancient writings, whether on cave walls or paper, all indicate a people who lived and functioned within their individual concept of a god or gods. In and of itself, this does not prove there is a god. It does, however, suggest one since no major group of people to date have found reason to reject the concept of a
superior  being. This being we conventionally call God.

Secondly, the complexities of nature indicate an intelligent being who created, or at least oversaw the creation of the earth and all than is in it. As a shorthand label, we call that intelligent being God. It is almost impossible to look at nature and not see a planned creation. Creation could not have been accidental regardless of the time involved. The evolutionists among us postulate every creature and every plant evolved over millions of years from a single cell to the world in which we live today. As each creature lived there were mutations of the creature born. If these mutations were beneficial to the survival and growth of the creature, then the change was gradually incorporated into the creature.

The evolution theory has several flaws. If one accepts the concept of single cell development, the companion question begs to be asked, “Where did the single cell originate?” It is not sufficient to explain the single cell as a visitor carried to the earth on the back of an asteroid, for then, one is forced to ask, “Where did the asteroid originate?” There simply had to be an original source for life. I believe that original source to be God.

There is another serious question that must be asked of the evolution theory. When one studies the human body, you can not help but stand in awe of the complexity of the body. At this point, I must confess my ignorance of the details of the body. But I am aware of the tremendous coordination between the functions of the organs, glands, the blood, nerves, bones, muscles, etc. And all of these parts must function properly and interact in the proper amounts and sequence for the body to live. These developments could not have happened one change at a time regardless of the number of years involved.

A brief example might be sufficient. The single cell, by definition must be self reproducing. At what point in the evolution of humans did it become necessary to have two humans, a female and a male, before new humans could be made? A new human, the female, had to be created and a new human, the male had to be created., both with similar bodies but with significant differences. I maintain this could not have happened through evolution, regardless of the time allowed. I maintain there was the guidance of a creator controlling the development of humans and all complex creatures and plants. This creative force I chose to call God.

In the final analysis, I believe in God based on the historical record of humankind and their intuitive understanding there is a superior being to themselves. I believe in God because it is inconceivable that this world, the plants, the geology, the creatures and especially humans could be the result of random accidental events throughout history.  This development had to be directed by a super intelligent being much in the same way we conceive build and cultivate a backyard garden. We don't leave it to chance to provide tomatoes this year. And I don't believe the creator God left the development of this world to chance!

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