January 9, 2011

The Will of God (Discerning His Will)

Staying in the Will of God

Okay God, which way now?
It is not always easy to determine God’s will. We all would prefer a dramatic sign. We want God to appear to us and speak out a burning bush as He did to Moses.  If I thought, “God, just tell me what you want me to do”, and a voice spoke to me out of a burning rose bush in the back yard, I really don’t think I would argue with it. After awakening from fainting, I would be off to do whatever God said.

But that’s not the way it usually works. We don’t have a stranger walk up to us and announce God’s will for us. Often God speaks through the circumstances of everyday life. When my boss asked me into his office, closed the door and said, “Steve, here is two weeks severance pay.  Go clean out your desk”, it didn’t seem like God talking to me.  As it turned out, God was working His will with me in the only way he could get my attention. With you, God may work His will in another way that will get your attention.  A job opens up in the exact field where your passions lie. You close the computer and begin to get dressed for the office party. At the party, you strike up a conversation with the spouse of your co-worker.  As you are telling about the novel you are writing, he mentions he is a publisher and is looking for promising new writers.  A recession hits and you are one of the casualties of the economic downturn. You find another

January 2, 2011

The Will of God (Three sides of the same coin)

What's God's Plan for You?
It isn't hard to discern God's intentional will for his creation. He created a beautiful garden for the humans; he gave them full run and enjoyment of the garden. They didn't have to work hard; they knew no sin. Jesus said something of the same idea in John's Gospel when He is talking about being the Good Shepard. (John 10:1-18 NIV). I particularly like the second half of verse 10.
 "...I have come that they (the sheep, us) may have life and have it to the full."
 (the King James Version says ...have it more abundantly.)

I believe God's intention was for us to have a full and abundant life. But God also wanted us to

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