Just Do It!

More time has been spent talking about doing good than has been spent on actually doing good. We think and we plan and we gather resources and we fiddle around. The Nike tag line is appropriate here, "Just Do It". John says the same in 1st John 3:18 (NIV)
Dear children, let us not love with words or 
tongue but with action and in truth

Just Do It!  If it's not perfect, so what, just do it in love 
and let God make it perfect!


1. Volunteer with the local Boy's and Girl's Club.  In my area, the BGC web site is www.bgcfwc.org. The national web site is www.bgca.org.  (In the spirit of disclosure, I am on the board of the local BGC.)

2. Volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. www.mentorakid.org locally and www.bbbss.org nationally.

3. Support a missionary or a missionary program.  Call your local church and inquire about their missions work.  While it is important to support the missionary program at your church, and I encourage you to do so, it can be fulfilling to support a specific missionary's work.

4. There are a great many people in this Country who need help learning English.  Your local school district, your church or the local Literacy Council can get you started.

5. There is a need for tutors to help students in specific educational areas.  Your local school can put you in touch with a program ministering to this need. Many young adults need help getting their GED diploma.

6. Each Fall, set up a program to ask neighbors to donate the coats, gloves, hats, scarfs they no longer use. go to the local Goodwill store and buy winter clothes for a relatively small price.  When you have a good supply, donate them to your local homeless shelter.

7. Find an older couple or single who might have trouble taking care of their yard.  They often have to pay money for these chores, money they may not have.  Offer to cut their yard for them.  In the Fall, offer to rake leaves for them.

8. If you have handyman skills, form a group of people with similar skills and offer your service, for free, to those in need in your community.  

9. Donate your time to your local church; they have dozens of jobs such as nursery workers, teachers, etc.

Often, you and your actions are the only Bible others will see.

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