March 29, 2011

Prayer: More thoughts on Prayer

In a previous posts, I indicated that one of the questions about God that I have to believe on faith is, how does God keep up with all of us! It would be humanly impossible for God to keep up with the 6.8 billion souls on the earth. Even Facebook with 500 million subscribers can't begin to reach everyone.  So I accept on faith that God watches over me and hears my prayers.

The question is how do we talk to God in the appropriate way and how do we plea our case or make our requests in a way acceptable to God, the Creator of the Universe. I just do not feel comfortable addressing GOD in an informal conversation. "Hey God" doesn't sound right to me.  In addition to having the correct

March 21, 2011

Prayer: Some thoughts on Prayer

It seems that everyone has advice on How to Pray.  There are hundreds of books, thousands of sermons and radio programs all devoted to prayer.  So why am I writing a post on How to pray? Good question! Well, this post is shorter. But, consistent with the original purpose of the blog,  putting my beliefs in writing helps me to solidify them in my mind. If someone benefits from my personal insight that is an extra bonus.

Mom, Let's talk!
The most important part of prayer is the nature of the person to whom you are praying.  The previous post addressed that issue.  Personally, I am more comfortable praying to a loving Parent than to the exalted creator and Lord of the Universe. Either is acceptable and I support both positions.  But I prefer the first.

So I talk to God as I would talk to my Father or to a good Friend.  I do not use churchly language, there are no "thee's and thou's" in my prayers. And I

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