February 25, 2011

Prayer: To whom are you praying?

To Whom are you Praying?
Prayer is such personnel things that it has been hard for me begin writing an article attempting to define or explain or even instruct someone on the subject. We are confronted with a huge variation in prayer types and practices. There are very formal prayers associated with Church rituals such as communion or marriage or funerals. There are free form prayers offered by ministers and worship leaders; silent prayers, prayers in music and prayers offered by individuals. Prayers by individuals may be long or short, rote or free form. There seem to be as many methods and forms of prayer as there are people making the prayer. And there seems to be no end to the books written to explain prayer and offer suggestions for a “meaningful prayer life”.

February 17, 2011

Preview of thoughts for upcoming Posts

I wonder??
I thought that Prayer would be the easiest of all aspects of Christianity to discuss. Certainly, as Christians we all pray.  There are numerous  scriptures relating to prayer. If we are not praying, certainly, we are in the presence of those who are praying whether prior to a meal or prior to a church meeting or from the pulpit at our church. People pray at the opening of the US Congress, at State events and until lately at the beginning of athletic events.

There are a lot of books on prayer.  I have been reading one lately titled,

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