April 13, 2017

I need a Burning Bush

What does God want me to do? I am willing to follow in His will, but I am at a loss to know what His will for my life is. Do I stay in my current job or look for another? Do I continue in my current relationship or does God want me to be in a different relationship? I am happy where I am, does God want me to do something else? Where should I live? Where go to school? Stay in this Church or go to another Church? What does He want me to do?

I suspect quite a few of us ask these questions. We love God. We know God loves us and wants the best for us. We really want to do God's will. We want to go where He wants us to go. We want to make decisions pleasing to God. We are willing to sacrifice our treasuries if it is God's will. We are a bit jealous of others who are doing God's work and enjoying it. We want that same joy of doing what God wants us to do.


What is it God wants? Living in Nashville or living in Charleston; dating Judy versus dating Betty; or Bob versus George; being an engineer or being an accountant; staying at my current job or taking another job; all good choices where there is no difference so far as we can see.

Some choices would seem to be obvious. Do I stay in an unhappy marriage or do I leave it and search for happiness alone or with another person? Do I report a wrong in the workplace or do I keep silent? Do I run and hide from trouble or do I stand up against it?

All the choices whether obvious or not so obvious have pros and cons. Maybe God wants me to stay in the unhappy marriage and change the other person, maybe He wants me out of that marriage because He has a better one for me. Maybe God wants me to leave my extended family in Nashville and move to Charleston because He has a person in Charleston who needs to be saved and will listen only to me.

Choices, Choices. What's a Christian to do.  

We all want God to show up in a Burning Bush like He did with Moses. We want God to speak in a booming voice, "Sydney, move to Charleston."; "Anna, marry the accountant!"; Robert change Churches!" We want God to take the decision from us and make it Himself. Wouldn't that be so much easier and efficient? Think of all the time God would save us if we didn't have to worry and agonize over the choices. And besides, we know God has our best interest in mind.

Burning Bushes are not in fashion nowadays! God just doesn't work that way in the 21st century. I doubt if He ever worked that way to tell the truth. As Christians we believe God created us in the likeness of God. He gave us a most blessed gift. A gift that can get us into trouble or can bring us great joy. God created us with the right to make decisions. We were not create to be robots acting only as directed. God made us with the capability of making decisions. But the ability to make decisions is not the answer, ot the burning bush we seem to need.

God also made us with a high functioning brain capable of evaluating options, considering alternatives and estimating future results. This tool also allows us to apply he results of experiences to current situations. We learn not to pick up a hot skillet with our bare hands; jump off cliffs, avoid dangerous waters. These experiences do not force us to make certain decision, but they teach us the things we should consider. You may have been taught to avoid certain parts of town, but make a decision to go there anyway because of some overriding consideration. Our brain is the tool God gave us to assist in decision making.

There is yet another tool direct from God. We have been given the privilege of talking with God. We may not hear the voice of God in our prayers. But many would testify they come out of prayer with an assurance of God's direction in the questions we pose. By quiet subjection of our will to God, we allow God to direct our thoughts toward the direction He wills for us.  

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