April 21, 2011

That other Stuff

The road to salvation for many people is cluttered with stuff that stands in the way to reaching the goal.  The secret to completing the trip is to find a way around the policies, creeds, arguments, etc that provide interesting, but distracting, hindrances to reaching the goal.

Some of the stuff is indeed interesting and worthy of study. In fact, many learned men and women spend a lifetime studying these things.  I don't pretend to know all the distraction nor am I able to explain them. But I do know that spending valuable time on them can be counterproductive when one is considering whether to seriously consider or commit to God and the actions of His Son Jesus. The distractions below are presented without explanation, but rather as an acknowledgement they exist. 

1. Why are there so many different groups of Protestant Christiens?  If they can't agree on their own religion, how can I know what to believe?

2. The history of Christian nations is filled with stories of war and greed and other decidedly non Christian activities.  The crimes committed in the name of Christianity are well known.

3. Christians are no better than other people in how they act or how they treat others. Christian divorce is at the same level as non Christians in this Country. Christians don't have any better morals and ethics than anyone else.

4. Christians argue among themselves on things that should be basic such as, 
    a. Is baptism necessary to be saved and what is the correct method of baptism?
    b. What should be the role of women in the Church; should they lead a congregation or be silent.
  c. Should Christians be in the armed forces where they kill and maim other people.  Didn't God say                        "You shall not kill?"
   d. Is the Bible without any errors? Did the earth evolve from the primal waters or did God create the earth in six 24 hour days?
    e. What should be the Christians response homelessness and poverty and malnutrition.
    f. and on and on and on!

As many people travel down this road of life, they encounter all this stuff, this clutter and say, either to themselves or out loud, "Why bother! What's in it for me? Does it really make any difference?"

I encourage you to press on down the road to come to grips with this idea that God loves you so much that He was moved to offer His son as the payment for your sins! All you must do is believe that! After you have accepted God gift of eternal life, you can come back up the road to consider all the other stuff!

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